Calgary wedding photography is our passion. Just like your life partner the wedding photographer and videographer needs to be the match made in heaven. They need to determine how better you get to look back at the special day of your life for the rest of your life. Since it is the unique day of your life and special occasion, it demands for the best wedding photographer and videographer. This is where Calgary Wedding Photographers excel as it is the best suited and highly professional wedding photographers and videographers in Calgary. We are professionals who create the masterpiece to explain your wedding in best way possible to family, friends and future generations. They will make your wedding photos and videos a perfect reminisce for years to come and they will create the stories of your wedding which would be the permanent reminder for you and your family. Not only the wedding event, the photographers and videographers also cover all the ceremonies including the guests and the ambience and mood.

Calgary Wedding Photographers and Videographers: Why We Are the Best

At CGY Wedding Photographers, we are passionate about what we do. With their creative way of working and storytelling abilities within the wedding photography and video they strive to treasure the most unique and special moments of the wedding day for years to come. The photographers and videographers at CGY Wedding Photographers cover the entire wedding event and create the album in a storytelling way. Calgary Wedding Photographers is the true wedding photographer and cinematographer that offer the best cinematic wedding experience in Calgary.

The professional photographers at Wedding Photographers know it very well how to capture the moments in the wedding day and all its glory and they can give your photos and videos the polished look instead of simple point and shoot effects in the photos. They have been serving the clients since many years, they have gained immense experience in the field and hence they can recommend the best way for editing and filming the wedding efficiently. Editing is done by including voiceover in the videos and this narrates the wedding event perfectly.

Yes, Calgary Wedding Photographers and Videographers can take your special marriage day to the next level of happiness.

Yes, Calgary Wedding Photographers and Videographers can take your special marriage day to the next level of happiness.

The professional photographers usually capture photos and take interviews of guests which are included in the video and they capture the best shots with their camera. They work by using the best editing and narrative techniques. They include the best music to complement the mood for the videography and they are well versed with the techniques to pull everything together so as to deliver you the best results in wedding photography and videography.

Calgary Wedding Videographers (Video Photographer)

A picture is worth 1000 words. So how much is a Calgary wedding videographer worth? 1 Million words?

A picture is worth 1000 words. So how much is a Calgary wedding videographer worth? 1 Million words?

The important aspect that every bride and groom would agree is that the wedding event is best captured on videos because it delivers the best realistic memories as compared to the wedding photos. Having the superior quality videos for wedding be determined by the Wedding Photographers and Videographers. The Calgary Videographers master the skills of capturing a variety of shots of your wedding event and combine them professionally while editing to create the best video for your wedding. Besides interacting with the guests in the wedding day, the professionals also know how to capture moments and videos for creating the masterpiece. The wedding videos and clips that capture with their camera gives the wedding video the much needed flavours and while watching it you will be astonished at how entertaining the video turns out.

Apart from capturing and covering the wedding videos, Wedding Photographers also excel in offering advices to the parents, guests and couples for best poses which can capture and create the best videos. The professionals also ensure that the videos are edited by narrating it with voiceover. They excel in editing videos and narrate it with music that complement mood the videos captured on the wedding day.

Calgary Wedding Photography

Are you looking for an old school vintage theme for your wedding photography? We can do that too.

Are you looking for an old school vintage theme for your wedding photography? We can do that too.

Couples spend huge amount of time in planning and creating their wedding moments special. Wedding is the well planned occasion where a lot of money, effort and time is invested in creating the day perfect. Wedding is the most important moment in one’s life and no one can afford to miss any moments of this special day. So, capturing all the moments with camera is must and for professional services ensures to entrust the job to highly professional Wedding Photographers. They specialize in photographing the wedding moments which include the character of the marriage in the most professional manner.

This professional wedding photographer make use of digital technology for capturing the moments of wedding as it gives them the opportunity to edit easily for best outcomes. The Calgary wedding photographers are best known for their expertise and rich experience in creating the frame able memories of wedding. The wedding photography offered by Calgary photographers is the masterpiece in all sense and they focus on capturing all the moments as well as the sacred occurrences of your wedding using the best blend of photo journalist approaches in candid and traditional styles. The only thing that you are required to focus is your poses and the wedding photography packages.

These are different packages of wedding photography offered by the Calgary wedding photographers and the most features and services are integrated in the high paid packages. The package includes offering the free negatives to the couples along with digital files, enlargements and online wedding albums. Some of the photographers even travel to other destination and venues for destination wedding and offer their services there. The wedding photography package includes everything and hence you are not required to pay additionally for the wedding negatives or digital files and copyrights.

The wedding photographers also offer assisting wedding photography where high quality digital cameras are used with higher resolution for best shots. These cameras are used for wedding photography that has unlimited exposures and it is transferred to the CD ROM in a type of digital presentation. The photographers can also transfer the images into regular or transitional photographs when it is printed on photographic papers.

So, when you decide to hire the professional Calgary Wedding Photographer you are required to best skilled wedding photography experience. You are likely to get amazing and stunning photos because they are skilled in doing such jobs. Most of the photographers in the studios have undergone and successfully completed the photography courses and they have certifications to offer best wedding photography services. They make use of the best in class photography equipments which ensures high quality photos and clips. They can capture moments in best way possible using the different suitable lens and uses specialized tools like tripods and lights for capturing the appealing images of your wedding.

Calgary Indian Wedding Photographers and Videographers at select Venues

Calgary's Indian wedding photographers at our special venues are sure to make your moment the greatest experience ever. We understand your culture and background, and are highly experienced.

Calgary’s Indian wedding photographers at our special venues are sure to make your moment the greatest experience ever. We understand your culture and background, and are highly experienced.

If you are an Indian and getting married in Calgary, it is necessary that you choose the wedding photographer that understands the Indian venues in Calgary and wedding cultures and traditions so that every event and moments are captured without skipping. This is one area where the Wedding Photographers excel and pride itself at. They are not only professional in covering the wedding events in Calgary, but also excel in events related to Indian Wedding in Calgary. They cover the Indian Wedding in Calgary with utmost care. The team of professional photographers at GCG Wedding Photographers put all their efforts in keeping the Indian tradition alive in your wedding. They take care of every event and ceremony of Indian wedding while photographing in Calgary. They know every ceremony that goes into Indian wedding and hence ensure to deliver you best wedding photography services with utmost care.

Wedding photography is the biggest investment and no couples would regret spending their money when they hire the specialized Indian wedding photographer like GCG Wedding Photographers. The professional Indian photographers in Calgary are well trained and versed with the skills to capture the moments in Indian wedding and ensure to preserve the true essence of the Indian traditions alive. They capture the moments in the most professional way so that when you look back at the photos in future you will feel as if you are reliving the moments again. They are photographers who are familiar with the Indian traditions and hence you can ensure to get the best wedding photography experience with them. The professional photographers understand how the Indian couples would like the photo shots and the importance of every event and ceremony; thereby they offer the wedding photography services accordingly. The wedding day is special to every couple and hence the wedding photographers ensure that with their wedding photography services that can make every Indian wedding event memorable to be remembered for years to come.

Calgary Wedding Photography Prices

Choosing the right wedding photography prices is necessary as it will enable you to get the best value for your money on your big day. You need to ensure that the wedding photography prices are nominal and affordable. The Calgary Wedding Photography Prices are not charged hourly, instead the photographers charge the clients based on the wedding photography packages that they have selected. There are different types of wedding photography packages available with decided and prefixed prices and you are required to choose the right photography packages according to the budget that is suitable for you.

Some of the wedding photographers in Calgary also offer you with free hours of wedding photography along with some freebie which are tied along with photography packages. You must not hesitate to ask for freebie along with packages. Apart from the wedding photography costs, there are also other costs that are included like the prices for the albums, digital DVD and copies and others which can really add up to the cost of the wedding photography. So, when you start finding the wedding photography professionals, ensure to keep in mind that you get what you paid for. You must have a decided budget for the wedding photography and be prepared to pay at least $1000 or $2000 for complete wedding.

People are prepared to spend a lot on flowers, but do they know about Calgary wedding photography prices?

People are prepared to spend a lot on flowers, but do they know about Calgary wedding photography prices?

You also need to know that the wedding photography prices vary depending upon the skill levels of the wedding photographers, experiences and also the geographic locations. However, if you choose the packages for wedding photography, then you are not required to pay extra for the destination wedding where the wedding photographers need to travel to another location to cover the wedding. In some cases, the wedding size also impact the overall prices of wedding photography because the additional guests invited for the wedding can also increase the amount of time that the professionals spend along with them for interviewing. This may increase the amount additionally. For larger wedding the wedding photographers would spend up to 8-10 hours on their job, while for smaller wedding events they would spend 4-5 hours and the wedding photography prices would be decided accordingly.

On request, most of the wedding photography professionals would provide the clients with the pricing details and information. The wedding photography prices are shared with the clients via emails or over the phone. You can also check the prices of the wedding photography online directly from the website and also book for the wedding photography packages online. While finding the wedding photography prices online, you must understand the fact that different wedding photography professionals in Calgary offers different wedding photography packages. So, you need to know that the initial pricing for wedding photography would be misleading.

Some of the wedding photography prices may not include the other additional rates like the photographer’s time, album’s cost and the printing prices. Some of the other wedding photography packages also include digital prints, and copies, set of albums and proofs. So, when finding the wedding photography prices, you must ensure checking the services that are included in the package and also compare the different wedding photography prices online prior to making the selection. You are required to ensure that the wedding photography package that you have selected for your wedding day is within your budget and the package for wedding photography suit and comprise all the services that you need for your wedding day. The professional photographers must also offer you freebie at no extra cost.

In order to save some money on your wedding photography packages, you must ensure to select the package that comprises of less prints and albums. There must be the option to choose the number of images that you need in your video album and photo album. You are also required to efficiently negotiate with the professional photographers and ensure to get freebie and the photo album for free or it must be included in the package that you have selection. These are the ways which can help you to save some money on your wedding photography prices. The starting wedding photography prices is $2000 and this wedding photography package comprises of fully edited high resolution files and digital copies. The professionals also offer sharing image services on the wedding day which you can share with your family and friends. But for this you first need to hire the services of the professional wedding photographers.

So, if you are looking forward to make your wedding day special with customized wedding photography packages, then hire the professionals in the field like Wedding Photographers. Book Your Appointment Today with Wedding Photographers today to know the wedding photography prices of different packages and also the services included in the wedding photography packages.

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